Matthew Thompson


Matthew Thompson is the Helen D. Cohen endowed Professor of Family Medicine and Vice Chair for Research. He completed clinical training as a Family Physician in the USA and the UK, and research training at the University of Washington and a doctorate from the University of Oxford. His research has focused in several areas - diagnostic testing, child health, infectious disease, new technology, and global health. His research has involved many different types of research designs including large cohort studies, qualitative studies, diagnostic accuracy studies, randomized controlled trials, and systematic reviews.
He has a particular interest in using new technology to improve diagnosis and monitoring for acute and chronic conditions in primary care, and directs the Primary Care Innovation Lab. This includes diagnostic studies of new point of care tests, better ways of diagnosing and monitoring common conditions such as hypertension, and methods to improve the earlier diagnosis of cancer. In child health he has conducted some seminal work to improve knowledge about how we can better identify children presenting in primary care who have a serious illness from the large number who attend with self-limiting conditions. His research in infection has focused on respiratory infections- including identifying which adults and children are most likely to benefit from antibiotics or antivirals, the effectiveness of steroids for sore throats and sinusitis, self-testing for influenza, and determining long term outcomes of COVID-19.
As Vice Chair for Research in the Department, his vision includes growing the size and scope of the Research Section, working closely with colleagues in the other Sections of the Department on research and scholarship, and increasing research collaborations across the 5-state Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho region as well as nationally and internationally. Dr Thompson is also interested in nurturing the next generation of clinical researchers, and co-leads the 1st year medical student course on clinical epidemiology, and is co-lead of the Translational Workforce Development group for the UW's Institute of Translational Health Sciences which promotes career development for research staff and research faculty at the UW and in the region.



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