Ayumi Saito

Ayumi Saito, BSMS, MPH

Research Assistant, PROSPECTS study, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Ayumi Saito, BSMS, MPH, is a dedicated public health professional and a Siddha medicine expert currently pursuing a PhD in Epidemiology at the University of Washington. Siddha medicine is Traditional South Indian Medicine, which is similar to Ayurveda. Her dissertation is centered on the gut-brain axis, particularly its relationship with pain and functionality in lumbar spinal stenosis, approached through a blend of Traditional Indian Medicine theoretical models and modern Epidemiological methods. After a rigorous seven-year study in India, she graduated as a top scholar from the University of Kerala with a Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery (medical degree offered in India), and furthered her education with an MPH from Brown University. Beyond her academic achievements, Ayumi founded Seventh Jenma, an initiative that utilizes indigenous knowledge with modern life solutions. She also leads introductory workshops on Siddha, medicine to diverse audiences, and contributes as a peer reviewer such as Integrative Cancer Therapy. Ayumi also has contributed to the WHO by serving as a rapporteur for developing international standard terminologies in Siddha Medicine, emphasizing her commitment to promoting Traditional Indian medicine and practice on the global scale.