Student volunteers

CHAP stakeholders include three notable groups:

1. The thousands of student leaders and volunteers who have participated in CHAP;

2. The program’s partners, which consist of communities who have welcomed CHAP and identified needs which CHAP could meet and the community agencies who work with CHAP students to better meet the needs of the communities they serve;

3. The program staff who coordinate CHAP activities in collaboration with students, community agencies, and community members.

Student Leaders and Volunteers
All CHAP projects are student-run. Students do not receive academic credit for their participation. Student leaders coordinate projects for one year and must plan, administer, and evaluate their projects, collaborate with the partner community agency, and recruit student volunteer teams and faculty. They are mentored in their leadership development and attend pertinent seminars particular to their project by program staff and community partners.

Partners: Communities and the Agencies that serve them

All CHAP projects address an unmet need in an underserved community. All projects are conducted in partnership with a community organization or agency already serving that particular community. CHAP’s ongoing growth and success are based in the care taken to have a community identify its own needs and to collaboratively develop a project which volunteers can realistically implement, administer, and continuously staff.
Program Staff 
Every year, first-year students students serve as CHAP leaders who organize and administer CHAP projects with the assistance of program staff in the Department of Family Medicine.