FAMED 697 Course Catalog Entry

Family Medicine Special Electives

Outside the WWAMI region (“Away Special Assignment”)
for Family Medicine Special Electives within the WWAMI region, please see FAMED 699.

Maximum 24 credits. Offered: AWSpS

Students must successfully complete all required Clerkship courses to register for FAMED 697.

Description: supplemental experience in rural/urban practice or a family medicine department in a setting not already established through the family medicine curriculum.

For other pertinent information about FAMED 697, including the application process and deadlines, application, and considerations for approval, please visit the UW School of Medicine Academic Affairs page: https://education.uwmedicine.org/curriculum/by-phase/clinical/explore-and-focus/special-assignment-electives/

Instructions for Applying

  1. Complete the application found on the UW SOM Academic Affairs page
  2. Check to see if your primary preceptor has a UW clinical faculty appointment.
    1. Click here to check on their clinical faculty status. If they do not have a clinical faculty appointment, please ask your preceptor to complete the Family Medicine Clinical Liability form.
  3. E-mail your completed documents to the Family Medicine Clerkship admin at fmclerk@uw.edu:
    1. Application
    2. Family Medicine Clinical Liability Form (for preceptors without a clinical appointment)
  4. Assuming your application is approved, send the Clinical Evaluation Form and Elective Grade Anchors and Criteria to your preceptor when you begin your clinical elective. The Evaluation Form is due back from your preceptor to fmclerk@uw.edu one week following the completion of your elective.

Visiting Students: please visit this page instead: http://www.uwmedicine.org/education/md-program/visiting-students.