MED 557 Hispanic Health & Health Disparities 

This (1-credit) non-clinical elective course will provide the student with an introduction to the Hispanic culture and language, the history of Hispanics in the U.S., Hispanic health status issues, and effective strategies and techniques for working across cultures and linguistic barriers. The course is designed to help the learner to better understand and more effectively respond to the needs of this growing Hispanic population.

MED 557 is taught each FALL QUARTER by our visiting faculty mentor Dr. Rudy Rodriguez, Professor and Vice-Chair, Department of Medicine; VA Puget Sound Health Professor. Hispanic Health and Health Disparities reviews evidence-based criteria and current practices in ethnic minority communities. This course welcomes any and all health professional or graduate-level students interested in Hispanic Health disparities. The course is a survey-lecture/guest lecturer format with interactive sessions, breakout rooms, expected synchronous attendance from all WWAMI students and Seattle students, and includes an end of quarter evaluation and reading component. 

To register for this course (offered every Fall Quarter) please reach out to: 

Holly Kennison, Office of Healthcare Equity 

email:  SAL20@uw.edu