Students, for credit:
If you are a graduate student in the health sciences wishing to add this course to your schedule, contactLauren Henricksen, (206) 685-2009 and obtain from her an add code and, if an undergraduate, instructor permission. Once you obtain an add code, click here to go to your registration page at MyUW. If you are enrolled in an undergraduate health program (e.g.: the BSN) program which makes registering for a 500-level course prohibitively expensive, you may, with instructor permission, enroll in the course as HSERV 499 (undergraduate public health field work) with Peter House as instructor. You may also set this up for one credit “Independent Study” in your school. Please obtain permission before exploring either of these options. You will need approval to make this arrangement before the first class meeting from Peter House. Enrollment is capped at 30 students. All students attending the class for credit will also be required to complete readings and research and a short written assignment on the case we study. Further details regarding the assignment are below.
Students wishing to register for this course can do so on-line in their normal registration period once they have obtained the requisite add code. Click here to connect to University of Washington on-line registration (UWNet ID required.)
Students, not for credit: Students who have already completed CONJ 515 in a past quarter, or who do not desire course credit for attendance, or who are matriculated in any of the self-supporting professional degree programs (MEDEX, Rehab Med, EDP, etc.) or an may informally audit the course (no transcript record) for a nominal $40.00 fee. 100% of this fee goes toward underwriting the cost of transportation and food for the field trip. However, space is limited and all attendees must informally register in advance of the first classroom session. Send email to Lauren Henricksen expressing your desire to attend this class and to add your name to the auditor’s list.
Students may also formally audit this course, by adding the class for “no credit/grade” using the same procedure as “for-credit students,” above.
University of Washington faculty and staff are cordially invited to participate in the class. However, because space is limited we request that faculty and staff register as guests at least two weeks prior to spring quarter. Faculty and staff will also be asked to pay the $40.00 if they attend the field trip. Send email to Lauren Henricksen expressing your wish to attend this class and to be added to the guest list.