UW Family Medicine Department Fair & Scholarship Forum

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15th Annual Family Medicine Department Fair & Scholarship Forum

APRIL 3rd, 2024

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What is the Department Fair & Scholarship Forum? 

The fair was started in 2009 by our then Chief Resident, Dr. Kavitha Chunchu, as a way to showcase the research and scholarly work of the Family Medicine residents and medical students.  It has evolved into a Department-wide, yearly celebration of Family Medicine scholarly pursuits and activities, and a forum to showcase accomplishments and recognition of our team’s hard work and talents. 

15th Annual

Family Medicine Department Fair & Scholarship Forum

April 3rd, 2024  |  ORAL PRESENTATIONS

Emcees: Drs. Ivonne Beltran and Des Martinez, R3s  

Primary Care Patients with Opioid Use Disorder Symptoms: Engagement in Treatment with Medication. Claire B Simon MD, Theresa E Matson PhD MPH, Malia Oliver BA, Kevin A Hallgren PhD, Roger D Weiss MD, Katharine A Bradley MD MPH

National and State-Level Trends in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services at Federally Qualified Health Centers, 2012-2019. Jonathan Staloff, MD, MSc; Megan B. Cole, PhD, MPH; Bianca Frogner, PhD; Amber Sabbatini, MD, MPH

Using Propensity-Score Match Cohorts to Evaluate Career Outcomes for the Underserved Pathway. Genya Shimkin, MPH; Kim Kardonsky, MD; Alisse Cassell; Ayan Mohamed, MPH; Mansi Shah, MD; Samira Farah, MD; Lynn Oliver, MD, DTMH; Sharon Dobie, MD, MCP; Amanda Kost, MD, MEd.

Trends in Health Workforce Supply in the Rural U.S. Sara C Woolcock, MPH, C. Holly A. Andrilla, MS, Lisa A. Garberson, PhD, Davis G. Patterson, PhD 

Patient Experiences of Care for Pain Symptoms Associated with Long COVID. Rachel Geyer, MPH; Kris Pui Kwan Ma, PhD; Jing Zhang, MS; Janna Friedly, MD, MPH; Nicole Gentile, MD, PhD

Oases of Pregnancy Care: Assessing Family Medicine’s Contribution to Maternal Health in Maternity Care Deserts. Paula Trepman, MD, MPH, Anna Fiastro, PhD, Yalda Jabbarpour, MD, Grace Walter, MD, Mae Dirac, MD, PhD, and Emily Godfrey, MD, MPH

Burnout and Cognitive Load Among UW Medicine Primary Care Clinicians. Tracy Anastas, PhD, Matthew Jaffy, MD, and Kari A. Stephens, PhD

Enhancing Maternal Health Equity: Disseminating the Results of the 2023 Washington State Maternal Mortality Review Panel Report to the Legislature. Patience Jaman, MBChB, Carly Baxter, Dinah Aldrich, Tess Grover, Mindy A Vredevoogd, Diem Nguyen PhD, Emily Nguyen, Ian M. Bennett, MD PhD

Understanding the Influence of the Expanded Global Rule on Malawi’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right Landscape. Aishwarya Iyer, MD, MPH; Samantha Luffy, MPH; Anna Newton-Levinson, MPH, PhD; Roger Rochat, MD; Bergen Cooper, MPH

R3 PANEL Streamlining Admission Processes on the Family Medicine Service During Shift Change. Desirae Martinez, MD, Esta Lai, MD, Christine Luu, MD, Paula Trepman, MD MPH, Nic Siegart, MD, Amanda Valdes, MD, Katherine Wainwright, MD, Ivonne Beltran, MD

POSTER SESSION – Faculty and Staff 

CRISP – New research reporting guidelines built by primary care for primary care William R. Phillips, Elizabeth Sturgiss, Tim olde Hartman

Incidence of Bone Stress Injuries in Division 1 Collegiate Athletes between 2016-2022 Katherine Fahy MD, Bridget M Whelan MPH and Kimberly Harmon MD

Bolstering Primary Care Workforce Through Rural and Underserved Program Development Amanda Weidner, MPH; Emily Hawes, PharmD, BCPS, CPP; Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP; Cristen Page, MD, MPH

Baseline risk factors for concussion using machine learning modeling on the NCAA CARE Consortium dataset Monica Zigman Suchsland, MPH, Annette L. Fitzpatrick, PhD, Marco Carone, PhD, Charles Bernick, MD, MPH, Elizabeth Kirk, PhD, Kimberly G. Harmon, MD

Suicide in National Collegiate Athletic Association Athletes: A 20-Year Analysis Bridget M. Whelan, MPH, Kelly A. Schloredt, PhD, Ashwin L. Rao, MD, Stephanie A. Kliethermes, PhD, Bradley J. Petek, MD, Kimberly G. Harmon, MD

Cognition in Primary Care J Raetz, B Gaster, A Fitzpatrick, B Belza, S McKiddy, A Hsu, M Zigman Suchsland

Understanding Washington’s Oral Health Workforce Samantha Pollack, MHS, Susan Skillman, MS, Grace Guenther, MPA , Benjamin Stubbs, MPH and Davis Patterson, PhD

Using the Washington Oral Health Workforce Tracking Program to Improve Understanding of Washington’s Dental Assistant Workforce Samantha Pollack, MHS, Susan Skillman, MS, Grace Guenther, MPA , Benjamin Stubbs, MPH and Davis Patterson, PhD

Medical Assistants’ Telehealth Roles and Skills in Primary Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic Samantha Pollack, MHS, Susan Skillman, MS, Tracy Mroz, PhD, OTR/L, Bianca Frogner, PhD

Assessing Social Determinants of Health in Healthcare Settings in the Northwest United States Ashley Johnson, MPH; Allison Cole, MD, MPH; Adriana Linares, MD, DrPH, MPH, MS; Elizabeth Bojkov, BSN, RN, MPHc; India King, PsyD; Peggy Hannon, PhD, MPH

Farther from care, more pills shipped: county-level association of number of abortion medication shipments through online abortion service and distance to nearest abortion facility, 2020-2022 Anna Fiastro, MPH, MEM PhD, Erin K. Thayer, MPH, Rebecca Gomperts, MD, PhD, Caitlin Myers, PhD, Emily M Godfrey, MD, MPH

Telehealth medication abortion service adaptation in large academic health systems: care redesign through a learning collaborative case study Anna Fiastro PhD MPH MEM, Rajita Patil MD, Sarah Prager MD, Maureen Baldwin MD MPH, Teresa DePiñeres MD, Melissa Matulich MD, Molly Ruben MPH, Emily Godfrey MD MPH

Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19: Analysis of Autoantibody Abnormalities and Impact of Pain on Quality of Life and Function Nikki Gentile, MD, PhD; Rachel Geyer, MPH; Jing Zhang, MS; Patrick Mathias, MD, PhD; Mark Wener, MD; Janna Friedly, MD, MPH

Where is All the Money Going Anyway? The Story of One Team’s Journey Toward Successfully Opening their First Line of Credit Nikki Gentile, MD, PhD; Rachel Geyer, MPH; Jing Zhang, MS – Team FALCON

Community Led Health Priority Setting through the Rural Health Initiative Monica Zigman Suchsland, MPH, PhC, Dillon van Rensburg, MPH, Cody Wilkinson, MHA, Kimberly Johnson, BA, Ashley Steinbruecker, BA, James Probus, BA, Kelly McGrath, MD, MS, and Allison Cole, MD, MPH

Offering a Sleep Improvement Class in Primary Care: A Population Health Approach for Insomnia Mari Yamamoto, PhD

Letting the Community Convey the Why in MOUD Training: “Influencers” Drop the Mic Pamela Pentin, MD, JD, FAAFP; Krissa Orlowski, DMSc, MSHS, MSEd, PA-C; Xan Borseth, MSW(Student)

Identifying and treating loneliness among young adults in primary care Karina Cortez, BS; Brennan Keiser, MSW; Chialing Hsu, MS; Maria Prado, MPH; Ajla Pleho, MPH; Mary Curran, MSW; Melissa, Kris Ma, PhD; Kelly Schloredt, PhD; Kari A. Stephens, PhD; Sebastian Tong, MD

Effects of intervention stage completion in an integrated behavioral health and primary care randomized pragmatic intervention trial Kari A. Stephens, PhD, Constance van Eeghen, PhD, Zihan Zheng, MS, Tracy Anastas, PhD, Kris (Pui Kwan) Ma, PhD, Maria G. Prado, MPH, Jessica Clifton, PhD, Gail Rose, PhD, Daniel Mullin, MD, Kwun C. G. Chan, PhD, Rodger Kessler, PhD

Quality Improvement at FMRWM: A longitudinal QI curriculum that fosters resident and faculty engagement and well-being Elizabeth Paddock, MD, Samantha Greenberg, MD, Ellen Bluett, PhD

POSTER SESSION – Trainee Session and “Happy Hour Wine Walk” 

Graphic Medicine as a Community Health Measure: Zines on Sex Education, Overdose Response, and COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Natalie Honan, MD

Understanding Patterns of Primary Care In-Person and Telemedicine Use in Veterans Health Administration: A Latent Class Analysis Jonathan Staloff, MD, MSc; Eric Gunnink, MS; Jorge Rojas Jr., MS; Edwin Wong, PhD; Karin Nelson, MD, MSHS; Ashok Reddy, MD, MSc

Recognizing Substance Misuse Among Medical Providers Mindy Alexander, LMHC, PA-S

Does Practice Type and Gear Worn Mitigate Head Impact Exposure in College Football Players? Beatrice Caballero, MD, MS, Bridget M. Whelan, MPH, Anna DeLeo, ATC, Tiger Wong, ATC, Kimberly G. Harmon, MD

Pathways from Presenting to Publishing Primary Care Research. Can the CRISP Guidelines Help? Sarah E. Rodriguez; William R. Phillips, MD, MPH; Elizabeth Sturgiss, FRACGP, PhD, BMed, MPH

King County Community Based Perinatal Services for Immigrant Pregnant Patients and Newborns Ivonne Beltran, MD, Ying Zhang, MD MPH, Denisse Tiznado, PhD, Misa KT Nguyen, BS, BA, Ivy Sandquist, MD

The Landscape of Prenatal Genetic Testing Among Clinicians Washington State Paula Trepman, MD, MPH, Rachel Geyer, MPH, and Nikki Gentile, MD, PhD

The Crisis Surrounding Crisis Pregnancy Centers Madie Gore, MD, Natalie Cheung-Jones, DO

Opioid use disorder in pregnancy, a special situation with unique barriers to treatment Loa Pitmon, PA-S, Krissa Orlowski DMSc, MSHS, MS Ed, PA-C

Racial Disparities in Integrated Behavioral Health Primary Care Services for Patients with Chronic Pain. Tracy Anastas, PhD, Zihan Zheng, MS, Kris Ma, PhD, Imara I. West, MPH, Maria G. Prado, MPH, Sebastian Tong, MD, MPH, Joseph LeMaster, MD, MPH, Mary Hatch, PhD, and Kari A. Stephens, PhD