Healthcare Support Groups


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Quick Tips for Patients and Ourselves and Psychological First Aid Slides presented by Dr. Kari Stephens providing a QUICK SUMMARIES of mental health and psychological responses to COVID-19, messages for front-line workers, good practices, fatigue management, online forums for clinicians to get support, psychological first aid an more. anxiety coping distress tolerance front-line patients stress
Provider Mental Health Support Resources Find mental health resources to help providers in WA specifically during COVID-19. WA COVID mental health support resources
Immediate resource for quick confidential talk Access a help line to request a confidential talk with one our psychiatry and psychology faculty. distress self help stress
National Academy of Medicine Clinician Well-Being Resources During COVID-19 NAM's quick resources and strategies for promoting clinician well-being clinician front-line providers self help
Big list of mental health and COVID resoures Mental Health America's list of vetted mental health and COVID resources across many areas family front-line groups heathcare mental health self help tools
Schwartz Center Resources for Health Professionals A list of tips and resources for healthcare professionals to cope with the pandemic
UW Medicine COVID-19 Support Website UW Medicine's COVID-19 support website of resources support
WHO Mental Health and COVID page The World Health Organization page for coping with mental illness during times of COVID. children kids mental health parenting quick tips
Mental Health America COVID resource page A comprehensive online portal for providers, patients, families, and first responders, with links to self care tips, financial support ideas, how to support your community, crisis lines and more. adolescents behavioral health providers children front line workers health care professionals kids LGBTQ parenting providers self-care tutorials webinars