What is Being Done to Prepare the Rural Health Workforce for COVID-19?


Much of the attention is on urban centers during the COVID crisis. Rural communities are concerned about the closure of hospitals and clinics during COVID. It is not clear which rural communities will experience a COVID surge and if there may be a delay in when it happens compared to urban regions. We will talk to key informants in rural areas to understand what they are doing to prepare for and respond to COVID and to what extent, if at all, health care workers are being redeployed and to where they are redeployed. We will conduct a scan of public sources (e.g., blogs, social media) as well as legislation and other state actions to determine how states and rural communities are directly addressing health workforce challenges in rural areas.
Lead Researcher: Davis Patterson, PhD
Contact Info: davisp@uw.edu



HRSA: HWRC Health Equity






Authors Title Type Date Documents/Media
Oster NV, Patterson DG, Skillman SM, Frogner BK COVID-19 and the Rural Health Workforce: The Impact of Federal Pandemic Funding to Address Workforce Needs PUBLICATION 03-01-2022
Policy Brief