What is Being Done to Prepare the Rural Health Workforce for COVID-19?


This report describes the workforce challenges faced by rural health care delivery systems and discusses how pre-pandemic financial instability in rural health care facilities may have contributed to the challenges experienced by the rural health workforce during the pandemic. We also discussed the availability of federal pandemic funding to address rural health workforce needs, the ability of rural facilities to access and utilize the funding, and the long-term needs of the rural health workforce and delivery system.

Lead Researcher: Davis Patterson, PhD
Contact Info: davisp@uw.edu



HRSA: HWRC Health Equity






Authors Title Type Date Documents/Media
Oster NV, Patterson DG, Skillman SM, Frogner BK COVID-19 and the Rural Health Workforce: The Impact of Federal Pandemic Funding to Address Workforce Needs PUBLICATION 03-01-2022
Policy Brief