Pathways to Middle Skilled Allied Health Care Occupations


Bianca Frogner and Sue Skillman were commissioned in 2015 by an expert committee convened by The National Academies, acting for the National Research Council and the National Academy of Engineering, to prepare a paper examining the education and training pathways to middle skilled jobs in the health care field. This paper discusses the current supply of middle skilled jobs and the projected demand for these jobs, the policy and demographic context in which these jobs are demanded, and the education and training paths to enter these jobs and on which to build a long-term career. In this paper, we discuss the opportunities and challenges to identifying career pathways to middle skilled jobs in health care. The focus of this paper is on the set of health care jobs that have a pre-baccalaureate (i.e., less than a four-year degree) entry-level requirement.



National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine






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Frogner BK, Skillman SM Pathways to middle skilled allied health occupations PUBLICATION 09-01-2015
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Frogner BK, Skillman SM Pathways to middle skilled allied health occupations. At: Symposium on the supply chain for middle-skilled jobs: Education, training and certification pathways PRESENTATION 06-25-2015 Media