National Consensus Conference on Community Paramedicine: Development of a Community Paramedicine Research Agenda


Background: Community paramedicine is a new model of providing access to basic health care services. Community paramedicine extends paramedics’ traditional emergency response roles through additional education that enables them to see patients in their home or community setting and perform procedures already in their skill set. Community paramedics provide care under the supervision of an ordering physician or advance practice provider. Community paramedics are providing these kinds of services for otherwise underserved communities in demonstration sites in the U.S. and Canada. While there are reports of successful implementation of this novel approach to expanding primary care access, there is a paucity of objective, systematic research on the outcomes of these programs. This project identified appropriate research questions and appropriate data to increase understanding of the outcomes of community paramedicine. Goal: This project developed a national research agenda for the emerging field of community paramedicine based on facilitated discussions at a National Consensus Conference on Community Paramedicine. Collaboration: The study was conducted collaboratively by researchers at the University of Washington (UW) WWAMI Rural Health Research Center (RHRC) and the North Central Emergency Medical Services Institute. Funding was from a conference grant by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The UW’s WWAMI RHRC researchers completed a summary of topics and key points discussed during the National Consensus Conference on Community Paramedicine (October 1-2, 2012) and a community paramedicine research agenda report.






Authors Title Type Date Documents/Media
Patterson DG, Skillman SM, Robinson A, Wingrove G Discussion of opportunities identified to advance community paramedicine and conduct research to build the evidence base from the National Consensus Conference on Community Paramedicine PRESENTATION 05-22-2013
Patterson DG, Skillman SM Community paramedicine research agenda PRESENTATION 10-02-2012