Health Workforce Planning Technical Assistance to States (NGA)


Through funding by and collaboration with the National Governors Association (NGA), this project involves providing technical assistance to states that are awarded NGA grants to hold one-day health workforce planning meetings with the state’s leading health policy and program stakeholders. Susan Skillman, Deputy Director of the University of Washington Center for Health Workforce Studies, is working with NGA staff to help grantee states plan and carry out health workforce planning meetings, each with goals and objectives determined by the state.
State health workforce planning technical assistance meetings to-date:
Montana (8/13/13)
Washington (9/5/13)
Colorado (1/7/14)
Kentucky (1/17/14)






Authors Title Type Date Documents/Media
Skillman SM Health Workforce Planning: Who, What, How? PRESENTATION 05-23-2015
Skillman SM Building alignment: Access, education and economic development — state/local linkages for health workforce development PRESENTATION 11-19-2014
Skillman SM Health workforce planning PRESENTATION 12-02-2014
Skillman SM Health workforce planning for Colorado PRESENTATION 01-07-2014
Skillman SM The economic opportunity of revamping your health care workforce PRESENTATION 01-15-2014
Skillman SM Health workforce investment: future demands, tools and resources PRESENTATION 01-17-2014
Skillman SM Washington's health workforce: meeting the state's needs PRESENTATION 09-05-2013