Exploring Health Workforce Influence on Equitable Care Delivery and Stigmatization toward COVID-19 Positive People of Color and People with Disabilities


Diagnoses such as HIV/AIDS, mental illnesses, overweight, and sexually transmitted infections can carry social stigma, and individuals who are diagnosed with these diseases have been frequently stigmatized within the health care system. Using a Health Stigma and Discrimination Framework, we will explore whether COVID-19 is developing into a stigmatized illness particularly among patients who are Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color (BIPOC) and people with disabilities (PWD) who already experience discrimination in health care by interviewing frontline clinicians and leaders working with BIPOC and PWD diagnosed with COVID-19.

Co-leads: Danbi Lee, PhD, OTD, OTR/L, Janice Sabin, PhD, MSW

Contact Info: danbilee@uw.edu, sabinja@uw.edu



HRSA: HWRC Health Equity






Authors Title Type Date Documents/Media
Lee D Providers’ Observations of Inequitable Care for COVID-19 Positive People of Color and People with Disabilities PRESENTATION 05-06-2022
Sabin JA Frontline Healthcare Providers’ Perspectives on Stigmatization of COVID-19 PRESENTATION 05-05-2022
Sabin, JA, Lee D, Mohammed SA., Kett PM, Frogner BK Frontline healthcare providers’ perspectives on stigmatization of COVID-19 PRESENTATION 06-06-2022