Demographic, Education, and Practice Characteristics of Licensed Practical Nurses in Washington State: Results of a 2007 Survey


In 2007, Washington State surveyed all of the licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in the state to obtain basic demographic, education, and practice information. This report describes LPNs in Washington using the 2007 survey responses, weighted to reflect the overall population. The descriptive statistics reflect LPNs who live in-state, and some sub-state analyses are provided. Of the 14,446 LPNs with Washington licenses in 2007, 72% practiced in Washington. The work setting in which the largest percentage were employed was long-term care (37%), and 65% of licensed LPNs in Washington reported they worked in primary care. Of the average 37 hours worked per week by LPNs, 25 hours on average were spent in direct patient care. The average age of practicing LPNs was 46, 12% were male, 18% were non-white, and 4% were Hispanic. Nearly three-quarters of Washington’s licensed LPNs received their LPN education in-state. Less than 2% of LPNs in Washington obtained their initial LPN education outside of the United States. Because of the high average age of Washington’s LPNs, the relatively slow rate at which the workforce is growing, and the fact that LPNs provide significant amounts of long-term and home care services, there is concern that the workforce may not be adequate to meet future needs. Subsequent surveys will allow examination of LPN workforce trends over time and assessment of the impact of health workforce-related decisions and policies now being implemented.
Lead Researcher: Holly Andrilla, MS
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Andrilla CHA, Skillman SM, Tieman L Demographic, education, and practice characteristics of licensed practical nurses in Washington State: results of a 2007 survey PUBLICATION 01-01-2009
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