The Washington Oral Health Workforce (WOHW) Tracking Program collects, analyzes, and disseminates relevant and objective information about Washington’s oral health workforce. This information can be used to guide practice and policy that will help ensure the state’s population has access to needed oral health care.

The WOHW Tracking Program receives funding from both public and private sources: Delta Dental of Washington initiated funding for three years of program support beginning in 2022 and the Washington State Legislature directed $225,000 to the Program in FY 2023 (ESSB 5693).

Workforce Team

Susan M. Skillman, MS
Program Director

Samantha Pollack, MHS
Operations Director

Benjamin Stubbs, MPH
Analytics Director

Amy K. Clark, MS
Web Manager

Arati Dahal, PhD
Research Scientist

Bianca K. Frogner, PhD
Principal Investigator

Grace Guenther
Research Scientist

Beverly Marshall
Program Assistant

Nhu H. Nguyen
Program Coordinator

Davis G Patterson, PhD

Advisory Committee

The WOHW Tracking Program Advisory Committee members provide input to the UW CHWS WOHW team to help guide the Program, achieve Program goals and objectives, and address key Program questions. Members represent many areas of expertise including the dental professions; employment and business sustainability; patient demand, access, and equity; insurance and payors; oral health education and training; and workforce diversity.




Alison Mondi 

Policy Director 

Arcora Foundation   

Alyssa Burgess 

Director of Career Pathways 

WA Association for Community Health  

Arielle Long  

Health Professions Education Coordinator 

WA Association for Community Health   

Bracken Killpack  

Executive Director 

WA State Dental Association  

Camille Luke 


WA Dental Hygienists Association   

Dan Ferguson 


WA State Allied Health Center of Excellence, Yakima Valley College   

Diane Oakes  

Chief Mission Officer 

Delta Dental of Washington   

Doug Jackson 

Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

UW School of Dentistry; BIPOC Health Careers Ecosystem   

Kelly Shaw 

Rural Health Workforce Director 

WA State Department of Health   

Melissa Johnson 


Bogard & Johnson, WA Dental Hygienists Association   

Pixie Needham  

Clinical Dental Program Supervisor  

WA State Healthcare Authority   

Renee Fullerton 

Health and Social Policy Associate; Staff to the Health Workforce Council 

WA Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board 

Laura Moe-Genther  

Dental Assisting Program Director  

South Puget Sound Community College Dental Assisting Program