The University of Washington Pacific Islands Continuing Education Program (PICCEP): Guam conference on structure and content of continuing clinical education programs in the U.S.-associated jurisdictions

  • Abstract

    On July 20 and 21, 2000 a meeting was convened of individuals from the U.S.-associated jurisdictions of the Pacific region who play key roles related to clinical training institutions, provider professional organizations, and representatives of physicians and  health  policy  leadership. The meeting, held in Guam was organized by the Pacific Islands Continuing Medical Education Program (PICCEP) based at the Center for Health Workforce Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle and funded by the  Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA’s) Bureau of Health Professions and Bureau of Primary Health Care. The overall goal of the meeting was to explore ways  of developing a sustainable program of continuing clinical education (CCE) for physicians and other health professionals in the Pacific region. Specific objectives of the meeting included a review of previous CCE efforts in the region, assessment of current CCE needs,  and  discussion of PICCEP’s proposed CCE program. The meeting was also designed to foster further collaborative relationships  among the various clinical education  programs  active  in the  region.

  • Authors:

    Thompson M, Skillman SM, Schneeweiss R, Hart LG, Johnson K

  • Journal/Publisher:

    Pac Health Dialog

  • Edition:

    Mar 2002. 9(1):119-122

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    Access the article here: Pac Health Dialog

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    Thompson M, Skillman SM, Schneeweiss R, Hart LG, Johnson K. The University Of Washington Pacific Islands Continuing Education Program (PICCEP): Guam Conference On Structure And Content Of Continuing Clinical Education Programs In The U.S.-associated Jurisdictions. Pac Health Dialog. Mar 2002 9(1):119-122

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