Dr. Iman Majd and his Grateful Patient

imanmajdDr. Iman Majd, a faculty at UW Medicine Department of Family Medicine, provides integrated health services at UW Neighborhood Factoria Clinic. Integrative medicine combines alternative medicine with western evidence-based medicine. The practice emphasizes the treatment of the “whole person,” focuses on wellness and health rather than on treating the “dis-ease”, and emphasizes on the patient-physician relationship. The goal would be to find the root cause of the problem rather than symptomatic treatment

Dr. Majd is the first physician to provide acupuncture and integrated health services at UWNC. He offers acupuncture and Chinese Medicine services to his patients in addition to allopathic western medicine services. He has been working with a wide range of patients including cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation; patients with neurological disorders and with many suffering from pain-related and chronic conditions. These patients have been very pleased with the outcomes – acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have accelerated their healing process and improved their health. One patient, who wished to stay anonymous, was so grateful that made a generous donation to UW Medicine, to specifically support integrative medicine and acupuncture in areas such as providing charitable care to cancer patients whose insurance would not cover such services.

Dr. Majd is planning to expand the acupuncture services and integrated medicine services to other UWNC clinics to serve a larger group of patients.

Patients have continuously voiced that having more access to acupuncture would be very helpful to them.