Sports Medicine COVID-19 Learning Program

Fellow Schedule

  1. UW Fellow Calendar:
  2. AMSSM Fellowship Online Learning Calendar

Didactics (all virtual or assigned time)

  1. Journal Club:  1 – 2 times/month. We may step this up a bit to give you more of a chance to review interesting or seminal articles
  2. Topic – based Didactics:  Dr. Austin, Dr. Siebert, and Dr. Rao will each give you a lecture once weekly (3 times/week). We’d like you to give us a lecture once every two weeks to hone your presentations skills. You will also be able to join the UW PM&R Sports Fellowship didactics at your convenience, and their fellow will be invited to join our teaching meetings as well.
  3. Grand Rounds:  The plan is do these on the 4th Wednesday via Zoom.
  4. QI Project: You will have time to complete and present this project, and I’d like to check in on your progress along the way.
  5. AMSSM U/S Didactics. You will do some of these sessions independently. For other sessions, we will sit down on go through some sessions together (virtually via Zoom) so that we can provide you tips.
  6. Dr. Paul Tortland’s didactic U/S videos. This is a great resource that either Dr. Harmon or Dr. Rao will share with you. These are basic and advanced MSK U/S teaching videos
  7. “Around the Country” Didactics. Dr. Rao has been in touch with many Sports Med program directors. A number of them will make their sessions broadly available via Zoom links, so that any interested fellow or faculty can participate. Once this list is compiled, with date and times, we can sit down and determine what you should/can attend.


Board Preparation

  1. Use some of your  time to prepare for the CAQ exam.
  2. There may be options to do the AMSSM CAQ preparatory course virtually. More on this to follow.
  3. Use topic – based discussions to direct your learning, areas of relative strength and deficiency.
  4. Use AMSSM Online Cases to substitute for clinic.



  1. Develop Exercise Rx (for OA knee, hip, Diabetes, CAD): Dr. Rao would like you to tackle exercise prescriptions and begin to develop prescriptions for special populations.
  2. ECG Modules (AMSSM/BJSM/UW): If you have not done so recently, you should go through these again. Dr. Drezner or another faculty will go through an ECG case series with you as well.
  3. MSK Anatomy review: We will find a way to deliver you more content.
  4. Research: Dr. Drezner will reach out to assemble a plan for you to work toward publishing your research and completing the project you have done with him.


In person

  1. U/S teaching: Dr. Rao will meet periodically with you.
  2. Mock injections: Dr. Austin or Dr. Rao will likely bring in a “model” (i.e.: piece of meat) by which to practice injection techniques from time to time.
  3. Doc of the day clinic sessions.
  4. Telemedicine/Telehealth: While this remains up in the air, the idea will be for you to work alongside the FM doc of the day (or other available provider) in seeing acute/urgent clinics.