Getting to Know Faculty & Other Residents

How do Residents and Faculty Get to Know Each Other Informally?

Special Activities

  • Dinners
  • Intramural sports
  • Social events
  • Resident retreats
  • Wilderness medicine course
  • Community Service

Department of Family Medicine

  • Chair: Paul James, MD
  • Residency Section: Family Medicine Residency Director: David Evans, MD
  • Medical Student Education Section Director: Misbah Keen, MD, MPH
  • Affiliated Network Programs in WWAMI Region (20 family medicine programs) Director:  Frederick Chen, MD, MPH
  • Primary Care Sports Medicine Section Director: Kimberly Harmon, MD
  • Palliative Care Section Director: Lu Marchand, MD, BSN
  • Research Section Director: Matthew Thompson, MBChB, MPH, D Phil
  • MEDEX Section Director:  Terry Scott, MPA, PA-C
  • Fellowships:
    • Academic Chief Residency Department of Family Medicine
    • Sports Medicine Fellowship Director, Kimberly Harmon, MD
    • Global Health Fellowship (non-ACGME approved) Director: Christopher Sanford, MD, MPH
    • Palliative Care Fellowship Director: Lu Marchand, MD
    • Clinical Informatics Fellowship Director:  Michael Lu, MD, MS, MHS
    • Geriatrics Fellowship (Managed by Internal Medicine) Directors:  Katherine A. Bennett, MD, and May J. Reed, MD
    • Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Managed by Internal Medicine) Director: Debra Cherry, MD, MS

Who Should Choose us?

  • If you are still searching for a collaborative, family medicine-supportive, academic teaching hospital…
  • If you’re academically and scholarly inclined…
  • If you thrive on diversity and change…
  • If you’re looking for opportunities to grow and to help others grow…
  • If you are stimulated by multidisciplinary learning…
  • If you value relationships…
  • If you enjoy teaching…
  • If you have a good sense of humor…!