Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Committees dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion:

  • Health Equity & Anti-Racism (HEAR) committee: HEAR is a residency-specific committee made up of faculty, residents, and staff, dedicated to teaching diversity, anti-racism and health equity education within residency training.

    HEAR Vision: Every UW family medicine resident, staff and faculty will be a role model, educator, and leader in transforming healthcare to achieve health equity.

    HEAR Mission: To achieve our vision, we leverage our program’s core values:

    1. Residency Growth: Accepting, analyzing, and challenging our implicit biases and privileges.
    2. Social Justice: Understanding social and historical constructs that contribute to institutional racism. Building skills to dismantle or enhance structures as needed to achieve health equity.
    3. Scholarship: Creating and disseminating knowledge that unpacks systems of oppression.
    4. Collaboration: Building intentional relationships and networks so all voices can be seen, heard, and valued. Utilizing the large UW network to amplify anti-oppression work.
    5. Supportive Work Environment: Creating an anti-racist workplace where all faculty, residents and staff can succeed to their fullest potential.
    6. Family Medicine Identity: Harnessing the revolutionary power of family medicine to create a healthcare system that centers on marginalized communities, thereby meeting and exceeding the needs of all people.

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