Sports Medicine


Contact information

Jonathan Drezner, MD
Phone: (206) 520-2000
Kimberly Harmon, MD
Phone: (206) 520-2000
Monica Zigman, MPH
Phone: (206) 520-2000


Injuries afflict athletes of all ages and levels. Health outcomes such as death due to underlying cardiac conditions or traumatic brain injuries can be overlooked in what is considered to be a healthy population of individuals. Research from the Sports Medicine Clinic concentrates on developing methods of prevention for injuries and catastrophic events, improving diagnostic tools, and studying treatments for athletes.

The Center for Sports Cardiology at UW focuses on developing standards in surveillance and the prevention of sudden cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death in young athletes. The main research goals are to improve medical outcomes through diagnostic capabilities and to raise awareness regarding cardiac issues in the young.

Research projects

  • Cardiovascular screening, sudden cardiac death prevention:
    • Diagnostic accuracy and outcomes of cardiac screening methodologies
    • Improving ECG interpretation through evidence based guidelines and provider training programs
    • Cross-sectional study of high school cardiac screenings in the state of Washington 2010-present
    • Investigation of defibrillator (AED) practices during emergencies in athletic and school settings
  • Incidence and etiology of sudden cardiac death and sudden cardiac arrest:
    • Surveillance of sudden cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death in young athletes
    • Investigation into causes of sudden cardiac death in young athletes
  • Injury prevention and treatment:
    • International multi-center randomized controlled trial of platelet-rich plasma injections for patellar tendinopathy