Rural Health

Larissa Nakatsu, MS2, 2019 Photo Winner “Welcome to RUOP” Colfax, WA

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Davis Patterson, PhD
Holly Andrilla, MS


Rural U.S. residents overall are poorer, have a higher burden of disease, are more likely to live in Health Professional Shortage Areas, and travel farther to access health care than their urban counterparts. Our research aims to inform local, regional, and national policy and practice to improve the health of vulnerable and minority rural populations. Research focus areas include rural health professional education, recruitment, retention, and competencies, as well as rural disparities in access to high quality care. 



  • WWAMI Rural Health Research Center (WWAMI RHRC)
    • What Is the Geographic Distribution of the Workforce with a DEA Waiver to Prescribe Buprenorphine?
    • The Distribution of the General Surgery Workforce in Rural America: 2020
    • Examining the Potential Impact of Multiple Payment Policies on Rural Versus Urban Home Health Agencies
    • Methamphetamine Use, Mental Health Comorbidities, and Treatment in Rural and Urban Areas 
  • The Collaborative for Rural Primary care Research, Education, and Practice (Rural PREP)
    • Are Family Physicians Trained in Small Rural Residencies of Comparable Quality to Family Physicians Overall?
    • Routes to Rural Readiness: Enhancing Clinical Training Experiences for Physician Assistants
    • Recruitment to Rural Residency Programs: Match Rates and Best Practices
    • Routes to Rural Readiness: Enhancing Recruitment and Retention of Nurse Practitioners in Rural Primary Care
    • Collaborative Care as a Mental Health Workforce Development Strategy  


Research Team 

Holly Andrilla 

Ian M. Bennett 

Laura-Mae Baldwin 

David Evans 

Lisa Garberson 

Andrew Jopson 

John Kearney 

Natalia Oster 

Samantha Pollack 

Susan Skillman