Cancer Screening and Prevention

Contact information

Allison M Cole, MD, MPH

Matthew Thompson, MBChB, MPH, DPhil, MRCGP

Research Team:

Morhaf Al Achkar, Laura-Mae Baldwin, Gina Keppel, Maria Prado, Kari A Stephens, Matthew Thompson, Monica Zigman Suchsland


Our research aims to improve cancer health outcomes through implementation of evidence-based cancer intervention in primary care practices. We develop and study new implementation methods and apply principles of implementation science to increase delivery of recommended cancer screening tests. We also develop and implement novel approaches to support patients in receiving follow-up care after an abnormal cancer screening test. In addition, our research group is attempting to improve the early detection of cancer, given that most cancers are not detected by screening programs. As part of an international consortium we are exploring new strategies and biomarkers to improve early detection, with an initial focus on lung cancer.

Finally, we are working to improve cancer outcomes by supporting optimized implementation of evidence-based interventions in community and clinical settings for a wide range of cancers across the cancer care continuum.  


  • Cancer Research UK CanTest award
  • Colonoscopy Outreach for Rural Communities
  • Development and pilot testing of a quality measure for diagnosis of lung cancer – funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • Improving treatment of cardiovascular risk factors in childhood cancer survivors
  • Increasing Capacity of Rural Primary Care Practices to Implement Evidence-based Colorectal Cancer Screening Programs
  • The Optimizing Implementation in Cancer Control Center