Tuesday, June 6th, 12-1 PM


Bridget M Whelan, MPH

Director, Pac-12 Concussion Coordinating Unit

Research Scientist, Department of Family Medicine, Sports Medicine Section


The diagnosis of concussion on the sideline or shortly thereafter is challenging and relies heavily on subjective reporting of symptoms as well as assessments of cognition and balance whose diagnostic accuracy has been shown to be poor. Problems with the use of symptoms in the diagnosis of concussion include a reluctance of athletes to report symptoms due to internal or external pressure, an inability to recognize symptoms, or a delay in the development of symptoms after concussion. Because of the problems associated with subjective reporting of symptoms, an accurate objective test for concussion is desirable. The purpose of our work has been to determine the diagnostic accuracy of components of the SCAT 5 (Symptom Score (SS), Symptom Severity Score (SEV), the 10-word Standardized Assessment of Concussion (SAC), and the modified-Balance Error Scoring System (m-BESS)) and of the King-Devick Test (KD). I will be sharing what we have learned about these tests and discussing future ideas for evaluation of diagnostic tools.


1. To understand why concussion diagnosis can be difficult.

2. To understand the limitations of tools widely used in concussion diagnosis.

3. To share our next steps in determining better ways to help with diagnosis and evaluating tools not widely used for concussion diagnosis.

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