Our Team

Jim Fausto, MD, MHA, FAAHPM
Director of Palliative Care

Lu Marchand, MD, BSN, FAAHPM
Family Medicine

Josie Amory, MD
Fetal and Maternal Medicine

Lorin Boynton, MD

Melissa Bender, MD
Family Medicine

Katie Schlenker, DO
Internal Medicine

Carolina Collision, MN, ARNP

Phil Myers, MN, ARNP

Meegan Wolczyk, MN, ARNP

Laura Buck, MD
Internal Medicine

Jackie Raetz, MD
Family Medicine

Carol Kummet, LICSW, MTS
Social Work

Beth Chance, MSW, LICSW
Social Work

Elyse Fairweather, MDiv, BCC
Spiritual Care

Sharon Whyte, RN
Palliative Care and Cardiology

Kelson Okimoto, MSW
Program Operations Manager