Core Curriculum

 The core curriculum serves as an introduction to issues surrounding underserved populations. Students complete this core curriculum by completing at least ten online learning modules (see below regarding live modules). The web module “Who Are the Underserved?” is required for all students. “Race and Biology” is required for E-23 students and beyond and strongly recommended for all students.

Each web module is structured differently and each requires a reflection, knowledge assessment, or other activity upon completion. Each module has been designed to take roughly 60-90 minutes to complete.

Current web module titles can be found on the Canvas page. Access the modules on Canvas here (UW NetID required for select components of modules).

The Underserved Pathway hosts live modules (events typically held over Zoom) two to three times per year. Students who attend a live module session in real time can receive module credit. Students watching the recording of the event cannot receive credit.