Dear FM 501 Preceptor:
Thank you for precepting preclinical UW medical students. Precepting is an immensely rewarding experience both for student and preceptor.
We understand that your primary goal is to care for your patients. We also recognize that teaching takes time. Many preceptors have found that precepting is a superb way to continue their education. You will discover that explaining, demonstrating, and critiquing reinforces what you know, uncovers what you don’t and provokes you to rethink your day to day practice. Most patients have enjoyed the extra attention that students give them and are amazingly tolerant of learners. Your discretion is always necessary in choosing patients for the student to interact with.
As a conscientious and competent physician you may be anxious about your teaching abilities. There is much to learn about effective teaching. This handbook has tips and resources collected by your predecessors.
We want to thank you again for your support and involvement. Without you, we could not offer this important experience to students considering a career in primary care.