First Meeting

Below is a suggested template for your first meeting with your student. As each preceptor’s office is different, feel free to modify the below suggestions to best fit your practice.

Orientation to your office

Approximately 30 minutes, with introductions to key staff, tour of the facility, brief discussion of types of patients served, services provided, procedures performed. Specific information on office policies and procedures.

Discussion of Goals

Approximately 10-15 minutes. The University has come up with a tool for preceptors to use to get to know their students and discuss their goals. See the GLEAM Tool here.

Student shadows you for a few patients

Allows student to get a feel of how your office runs and your style of care. Depending on student’s level of training and comfort, you may have student perform parts of the physical exam or history in your presence. Remember to obtain the patient’s consent prior to having the student observe or participate in the patient’s care. You or your nurse can obtain this consent. A suggested introduction might be “Susan Eager is a first year (second year) medical student working with me today. I would appreciate it if you would tell her why you’re here today. Then I will be in to see you shortly”.

Depending on student comfort level, student performs part/all of history by himself/herself for selected patients

It can be helpful to have the student review the patient’s chart before they arrive. You may also choose to briefly discuss with the student their previous experience with problem and the management of the problem that the patient is coming to see you for. From what you know of both the patient and the student, you will determine whether the student will observe you, assist you, precede you, or perhaps, not be involved with the patient. You can also give them tips on what to look for, ask about, or what they might read to prepare. Or you may send them in “cold” to handle a patient.