Indian Health Care Clerkship (*, max. 16)
Individually designed learning experience allows student to choose training opportunities, including Indian IHS Clinics, Tribal 638 Health Programs, IHS Public Health Program, Urban Indian Health programs, Tribal Council Health activities, and Tribal/IHS Alcoholism Treatment programs. Prerequisite: completion of required third-year clerkships, UCONJ 530, and permission of instructor.
Offered: AWSpS.
Contact: CEDI Office
NormaAlicia Pino, M. A. (Purépecha/Comcáac /Guaicura)
Director of Multicultural Education
University of Washington School of Medicine
Center for Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (CEDI)
1959 NE Pacific Street, HSC A-300; Box 356340
Seattle, WA 98195
Ph: 206-616-3047; email: pinon@uw.edu