Mental Health Resources


Topic Description
Big list of mental health and COVID resoures Mental Health America's list of vetted mental health and COVID resources across many areas family front-line groups heathcare mental health self help tools
Brief Behavioral Skills Modules Free online behavioral skills training for treat anxiety (brief exposure), depression (behavioral activation), and crisis management (distress tolerance) behavioral skills intervention mental health
How to Assess Front-Line Workers for Mental Health Concerns A step by step guide to how to assess front-line workers presenting with mental health issues during COVID-19 from the American Psychological Association front-line mental health stress
Integrated Care Training Program COVID-19 Resources General resources on mental health treatment relevant to primary care and psychiatry mental health stress
UW Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Dept COVID-19 Resources General resources on mental health and caregiver resources during COVID-19 caregivers mental health stress
UW Medicine COVID-19 Support Website UW Medicine's COVID-19 support website of resources support
WHO Mental Health and COVID page The World Health Organization page for coping with mental illness during times of COVID. children kids mental health parenting quick tips
AACAP disaster liaison network online training videos A series of training videos from the American Acadmey of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for behavioral health providers about disaster response in therapy. behavioral health provider social worker
APA 7 research findings to help guide COVID stress response American Psychological Association page with seven research findings that illuminate our responses to stress and treatments for stress. behavioral health provider social worker
APA Website: Resources for Psychiatrists, Families, Healthcare workers The American Psychiatry Association page with links for psychiatrists, families and health care providers for addressing COVID stress. front-line healthcare workers PCP staff
Biological Psychiatry Podcast Series COVID A series of lectures for providers on a variety of mindfulness topics related to COVID and how to best help patients. behavioral health providers mindfulness podcast providers
Concentric Circle of Control picture A visual tool depicting what we can control vs what we cannot control during COVID crisis to help shift focus in our response. behavioral health provider stress