Lasting Effects of Continuing Education on the Topic of Implicit Bias in the Clinical and Learning Environment


To date, few, if any, studies examine the lasting effects of continuing education on the topic of implicit bias in healthcare. In this study we propose to re-contact participants in our study conducted in the 1st year of the HWRC titled, Implicit Race and Gender Bias, Bias Awareness, and Impact of a Course for Clinical Faculty, to determine whether there were lasting effects of exposure to the course on their teaching and clinical practice. In a brief survey, we will determine whether and in what ways they have applied this knowledge and/or perceived benefit of the course to clinical care and teaching in the time since exposure to the course. We will also seek their perspective on gaps in training, and potential next steps in continuing education and other interventions for implicit bias in health care.

Lead Researcher: Janice A. Sabin, PhD, MSW
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HRSA: HWRC Health Equity



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Authors Title Type Date Documents/Media
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Sabin J, Pereda B, Palermo AG, Boatright D, St. Cloud T Addressing Institutionalized Racism in Academic Medicine – Anti-Racism in Medicine: A Learning-to-Action Approach? PRESENTATION 11-09-2021
Sabin J, Geunther G, Andrilla H, Gujral K, Morales L, Ornelas I, Patterson D, Frogner BK Primary Care Provider Reflections on Teaching and Practice Following a Course on Implicit Bias in the Clinical and Learning Environment PRESENTATION 06-17-2021