How Do You Create a “Zero-Burnout” Primary Care Practice?

  • Abstract

    Burnout among primary care providers (PCPs) has long been a concern in medicine. PCPs are often paid less than other specialists, have to deal with enormous amounts of administrative tasks that take away from patient time, and often (though increasingly rarely) own their own practices, adding the burdens and stresses of a small business owner. COVID-19 unsurprisingly exacerbated these stressors, and even as cases decrease, an ongoing survey of PCPs finds high levels of stress and burnout combined with workforce and workload challenges well over a year into the pandemic. There may be long-term consequences for clinician recruitment and retention and ultimately patient care if we do not have a robust health workforce.

  • Authors:

    Frogner BK

  • Journal/Publisher: Newsletter

  • Edition:

    Jul 2021.

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    Frogner BK. How do you create a “Zero-Burnout” primary care practice? Newsletter. Jul 2021. Accessed July 2021.