Disability competency training in medical education

  • Abstract

    Purpose. Lack of health care providers’ knowledge about the experience and needs of individuals with disabilities contribute to health care disparities experienced by people with disabilities. Using the Core Competencies on Disability for Health Care Education, this mixed methods study aimed to explore the extent the Core Competencies are addressed in medical education programs and the facilitators and barriers to expanding curricular integration. Method. Mixed-methods design with an online survey and individual qualitative interviews was used. An online survey was distributed to U.S. medical schools. Semi-structured qualitative interviews were conducted via Zoom with five key informants. Survey data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Qualitative data were analyzed using thematic analysis. Results. Fourteen medical schools responded to the survey. Many schools reported addressing most of the Core Competencies. The extent of disability competency training varied across medical programs with the majority showing limited opportunities for in depth understanding of disability. Most schools had some, although limited, engagement with people with disabilities. Having faculty champions was the most frequent facilitator and lack of time in the curriculum was the most significant barrier to integrating more learning activities. Qualitative interviews provided more insight on the influence of the curricular structure and time and the importance of faculty champion and resources. Conclusions. Findings support the need for better integration of disability competency training woven throughout medical school curriculum to encourage in-depth understanding about disability. Formal inclusion of the Core Competencies into the Liaison Committee on Medical Education standards can help ensure that disability competency training does not rely on champions or resources.

  • Authors:

    Lee D, Pollack SM, Mroz T, Frogner BK, Skillman SM

  • Journal/Publisher:

    Medical Education Online

  • Edition:

    May 2023. 28(1) 2207773

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    Access the article here: Medical Education Online

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    Lee D, Pollack SM, Mroz T, Frogner BK, Skillman SM. Disability competency training in medical education. Medical Education Online. 2023. 28(1), 2207773. https://doi.org/10.1080/10872981.2023.2207773

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