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Director Frogner Discusses New Study on Zero-Burnout Primary Care Practices

In the latest edition of’s Research Corner, Director Bianca Frogner breaks down a new [...]

UW CHWS June 2021 Newsletter

UW CHWS recently released the June 2021 edition of our newsletter highlighting the effect of [...]

Telling the Stories of Health Insurance Navigators

CHWS investigator Dr. Marieke van Eijk’s research on the important role of health insurance navigators [...]

Diversity of Graduates from Associate Degree in Nursing Programs Examined in Recent Publication

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) programs contribute to a significant share of the registered nurse [...]

Director Frogner discusses one change that could help nursing homes recover from COVID-19 fears

Director Bianca Frogner shares her personal fears about nursing home care and discusses ways by [...]

UW CHWS February 2021 Newsletter

UW CHWS recently released the February 2021 edition of our newsletter highlighting the effect of [...]

Washington State Unemployment Claims: Health Related Occupations to 10/10/2020

This updated brief shows the number of both initial and continuing unemployment claims in Washington [...]

State-by-State Unemployment Claims by Health Care Workers 2/2020 – 9/2020

Four exhibits show the rate of unemployment claims filed by health care workers from February [...]

Director Bianca Frogner Speaks to the Workforce Challenges Facing Primary Care Clinics and Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and primary care clinics have both struggled with staffing due to COVID. A [...]

Director Bianca Frogner Comments on How a Recent Study Informs Scope-of-Practice Debates

California is the second state this year to pass a law that relaxes physician supervisory [...]