Palliative Care

Appointment of Lu Marchand, MD, BSN, FAAHPM, to the Stuart J. Farber, MD and Annalu Farber Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Palliative Care Education
In 2014, Stu and Lu Farber made a most generous gift to establish an endowed professorship in palliative care education. In establishing this endowment, the Farbers’ intention is to improve both the quality and quantity of palliative care education for current medical students and trainees — as well as for practicing clinicians.
In November of this year, Lucille (Lu) Marchand, MD, BSN, FAAHPM was appointed to hold the Farber Fellowship, continuing this important work in palliative care education. Like Dr. Farber, Dr. Marchand has dedicated her career to family medicine, palliative care, and integrative and narrative medicine. Her love of narrative medicine is at the core of her dedication in providing compassionate care to patients and families and fostering an interdisciplinary approach to clinical care and teaching.
Impact of the Farber Fellowship
The Farber Fellowship will allow Dr. Marchand to continue the legacy of Stu and Annalu Farber in providing palliative care education in all areas of medical and interdisciplinary training, and honoring the patient and family story through the teaching and practice of effective patient-centered communication. The Fellowship will allow Dr. Marchand to continue her leadership training at UW in order to develop palliative care access throughout all transitions of care. Additionally, it will support team members in deepening their leadership training in palliative medicine.
How you can support this work
Hundreds of generous donors, including family members, faculty, alumni, colleagues, and friends have contributed $442,500 in gifts and pledges toward the $500,000 goal. Once the $500,000 goal is reached, the Farber Fellowship will become the Farber Endowed Professorship.
To honor Stu’s legacy and the Farber’s vision, we respectfully request that you consider a new or additional gift or pledge to help raise the $57,500 needed to elevate this Fellowship to the Stuart J. Farber, M.D. and Annalu Farber Endowed Faculty Professorship. Thank you to all who have contributed to this deeply important project.
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About Dr. Lu Marchand:
Dr. Lu Marchand did her medical training at the University of California in San Francisco in the 1980s, when the AIDS epidemic was raging. Her background as a nurse and this experience of seeing unrelieved suffering and the ignoring of patient story in medicine, galvanized her work as a pioneer in palliative care. She did her family medicine training at the University of Connecticut and completed a fellowship in family therapy and qualitative research. She was professor of family medicine and coordinator of the palliative care curriculum at the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine for over twenty years. She directed Dr. Rachel Remen’s Healer’s Art Medical Student Elective for 14 years. On a national level, she has been humanities section editor for the AAHPM Quarterly, and has chaired national humanities interest groups. She is a sought after speaker on communication, narrative medicine, compassionate care and other palliative care topics. She has served as a hospice medical director and created a palliative care service at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison, WI and served as its director. In 2013, she was recruited to the University of Washington Department of Family Medicine (UWDFM) in part by Dr. Farber and Dr. Tom Norris, Chair, to succeed Dr. Farber as the director of the UW Medical Center’s Palliative Care Program, and to develop the section of palliative care in the UWDFM as its first section chief.