Integrating behavioral health in primary care practices

Kari StephensKari Stephens, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Research Informatics in the department of Family Medicine at the University of Washington, recently spoke with Healio Primary Care about the Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Cross-Model Framework, published in Translational Behavioral Medicine, that she and fellow researchers developed to support behavioral health in primary care clinics. Recognizing the need for a common definition across the various models of IBH, the research team created this framework as a cross-model definition of IBH in primary care that includes evidence-based processes and structures. The framework has been adopted by Minnesota’s MN Health Collaborative and published as a key community standard in their “Call to Action”. In partnership with the Collaborative, the research team evaluated the real-world usability of the framework in a state-wide effort detailed in published journal article.To learn more about the importance of the framework, what it entails and more read the full article here.