Grand Rounds: "Comfort Care for Hospitalized Patients" – January 4, 2017

Topic: Comfort Care for Hospitalized Patients

Presenter: Dr. Melissa Bender

Dr. Bender will present on providing comfort care for hospitalized patients, with a focus on the new comfort care order set at UWMC and HMC.

Presentation Location: Northgate Classroom
331 NE Thornton Place, Seattle, 98125

This presentation will videoconference between the Northgate location above, the E-304 conference room in the Health Sciences Building, and the MEDEX Cascade Conference Room (Roosevelt Commons East, 4311 Eleventh Ave in Suite 200). Light refreshments are available at the Northgate Classroom location only.

We are currently archiving presentations online when possible. For more information, see the Grand Rounds webpage here.