The COVID-19 pandemic brought deep divisions and attacks on the most vulnerable in our nation, including women in need of comprehensive reproductive health care. Maternal mortality in the U.S. has worsened over the last 22 years and is likely to deteriorate further as dozens of U.S. states expand laws that criminalize abortion care. Through research expertise, the University of Washington Access, Delivered team aims to improve access to abortion pills via telehealth services across many states, so more people can receive the critical care they need wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Our mission is to employ reliable, high-quality research to bring innovative services in abortion care to light, alter restrictive abortion policies in the U.S., and support primary care’s rapid adoption of novel abortion health care services.

Provider Toolkit

This Provider Toolkit offers a step-by-step guide for initiating a modern medication abortion service within your primary care practice. It provides information on setting up the service, patient-centered standards of care, and resources for understanding federal and state regulations on abortion services.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has dispelled the myth that physical clinics are needed to safely provide early abortion care. Primary care and other clinicians have a unique opportunity to shape the future of abortion access in the United States by using “no test” protocols and providing service via telemedicine with pills mailed directly to patients. 

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What Providers are Saying:

“I am a pediatrician focused on adolescent health and have never prescribed medication abortion. I am so frustrated and angered by the recent legislative developments that I have been looking into providing online medication abortion services. I have seen firsthand the difficulties people have accessing abortions. Your toolkit was extremely informative and I appreciate all the work you have put into it.”   

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How You Can Help


The recent stripping of the constitutional right to an abortion in the United States calls for urgent, high-quality research that will informs public policies that reduce barriers to care and improve access to abortion in the United States.  

The University of Washington Access, Delivered team – part of the UW Department of Family Medicine – has partnered with an advocacy organization, Plan C, local clinics, and clinicians in 20 states to support the expansion of telehealth medication abortion services across the country. Your generous gift can help fund this critical abortion research. 



Double your impact! A generous donor is matching donations dollar for dollar up to $50,000.

“As an abortion provider and medical director with decades of experience, I am particularly struck by the Access, Delivered research team’s level of integrity, innovation, and commitment to this work. I believe their research will benefit many abortion providers and patients during this critical time.”
– Dr. Deb Oyer, Cedar River Clinics