Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee

The JEDI Committee at the Department of Family Medicine at University of Washington focuses on supporting inclusive and equitable department climate and relationships, cultivating career development to address issues of systemic racism and sexism, promoting equitable hiring and retention practices for underrepresented populations, and promoting health equity in our education and scholarship.

The committee has nearly 30 members from across the department, including faculty, staff, and residents.

JEDI sub-committees include the following:

  • Policy Review – responsible for reviewing relevant departmental policies to identify areas in need of equity/diversity/inclusion improvements
  • Faculty, Staff, Resident, Student Diversity and Development – responsible for establishing and reviewing guidelines, checklists, and frameworks to ensure equity and diversity in department hiring. Hiring checklists for faculty and staff hires are available to hiring managers on the DFM intranet and their use is strongly encouraged. This committee also works to improve faculty and staff diversity in recruitment and retention.
  • Budget – responsible for determining a process for allocating funds and identifying activities eligible for funding, which may include travel for conference attendance or honoraria and other expenses associated with guest speakers or trainings.
  • Communications – responsible for promoting the work of the JEDI Committee and sponsored initiatives as well as communicating the department’s commitment to diversity and inclusion to many audiences including potential students, potential employees, and others.

JEDI Mission:

The UWDFM JEDI Committee’s mission is to create a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive learning, scholarship, and clinical environment for all faculty, staff, residents, and students regardless of age, race, ethnicity, country of origin, language, religion, spiritual practice, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and socioeconomic and mental/physical status.

JEDI Awards – Click here to find information and eligibility requirements to apply for funding.


For more information about JEDI, please contact committee co-chairs Daytheon Sturges and Fernando Frias.