Appointment Process

University of Washington School of Medicine
Department of Family Medicine
Clinical Faculty Appointment Process

  1. Application package with letter of recommendation from the residency program director, clerkship coordinator, or course coordinator is submitted to Family Medicine chair.
  2. Approval by the chair.
  3. Review and vote by Family Medicine Appointments and Promotions Committee.
  4. Specialty physicians review and concurrence of specialty department chair (if applicable).
  5. Vote by Family Medicine faculty.
  6. Application package with chair’s letter of recommendation is submitted to Dean of School of Medicine for approval and forwarding to UW Academic Personnel Office.
  7. Provost and Board of Regents approval.
  8. Department enters clinical faculty information in University of Washington personnel database. At this point the applicant is eligible for UW services.
  9. Appointment confirmation is mailed to the new faculty member.
  10. ID card with employee identification number and personal access code is mailed to new faculty member, if out of area; instructions for obtaining ID card are mailed to new faculty member, if in area.
  11. Information package is mailed to new faculty by the Health Sciences Library.

Common errors made in completing the application:

  • Residency satellite site director submits package directly to the chair without first submitting package to his/her program director for concurrence and letter of recommendation;
  • Less than required number of letters of recommendation are submitted (3 for paid appointments, 3 for teaching associate appointments); please note that these letters are in addition to the letter from the site director;
  • Missing signatures;
  • CV is missing;
  • Copy or fax submitted (must have originals);
  • Board certification information is missing;
  • No clear explanation of faculty contribution to the program or the number of hours they are involved.