PostGRES Profile Detail – Staff

Tove Blake
Director of Admissions & Student Svcs


I was born in a northerly coastal town in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada and raised in the greater Vancouver area. I became a single mother when I was just twenty-one years old and persevered through many challenging years as I worked multiple jobs in the health and wellness industry while going to school in order to create a better life for myself and my child. I worked as a health club manager, personal trainer, and massage practitioner, which eventually led me to employment at a massage therapy college. I became a teacher and then evolved into Student Services and Program Management.

In 2012, I married a physician assistant (PA) from Seattle and since PA’s were not recognized nor approved to work in B.C., I moved to Seattle and began working for UW Medicine Compliance where I honed my administrative skills to eventually become the administrator of the department. After 6 years with Compliance, I decided to rejoin academia. I initially took on a fiscal role at the UW Office of Global Affairs, Study Abroad for a year and then moved on to MEDEX in 2019 where I have had the honor of being a part of the Admissions and Student Services team! My two favorite activities at MEDEX are making applicant acceptance calls and graduation!