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Rachel Geyer
Research Scientist 3



Kris Pui Kwan Ma, Kari A Stephens, Rachel E Geyer, Maria G Prado, Brenda L Mollis, Susan M Zbikowski, Deanna Waters, Jo Masterson, Ying Zhang Developing Digital Therapeutics for Chronic Pain in Primary Care: A Qualitative Human-Centered Design Study of Providers’ Motivations and Challenges. JMIR Formative Research. 7 2023

Rachel E Geyer, Jack Henry Kotnik, Victoria Lyon, Elisabeth Brandstetter, Monica Zigman Suchsland, Peter D Han, Chelsey Graham, Misja Ilcisin, Ashley E Kim, Helen Y Chu, Deborah A Nickerson, Lea M Starita, Trevor Bedford, Barry Lutz, Matthew J Thompson Diagnostic Accuracy of an At-Home, Rapid Self-test for Influenza: Prospective Comparative Accuracy Study. JMIR Public Health and Surveillance. 8 2022

Xinyan Cai, Mark H Ebell, Rachel E Geyer, Matthew Thompson, Nicole L Gentile, Barry Lutz The impact of a rapid home test on telehealth decision-making for influenza: a clinical vignette study. BMC Primary Care. 1 2022

Sanjay Srivatsan, Sarah Heidl, Brian Pfau, Beth K Martin, Peter D Han, Weizhi Zhong, Katrina van Raay, Evan McDermot, Jordan Opsahl, Luis Gamboa, Nahum Smith, Melissa Truong, Shari Cho, Kaitlyn A Barrow, Lucille M Rich, Jeremy Stone, Caitlin R Wolf, Denise J McCulloch, Ashley E Kim, Elisabeth Brandstetter, Sarah L Sohlberg, Misja Ilcisin, Rachel E Geyer, Wei Chen, Jase Gehring, Sriram Kosuri, Trevor Bedford, Mark J Rieder, Deborah A Nickerson, Helen Y Chu, Eric Q Konnick, Jason S Debley, Jay Shendure, Christina M Lockwood, Lea M Starita SwabExpress: An end-to-end protocol for extraction-free COVID-19 testing. Clinical chemistry. 68 2022

Ashley E Kim, Elisabeth Brandstetter, Naomi Wilcox, Jessica Heimonen, Chelsey Graham, Peter D Han, Lea M Starita, Denise J McCulloch, Amanda M Casto, Deborah A Nickerson, Margaret M Van de Loo, Jennifer Mooney, Misja Ilcisin, Kairsten A Fay, Jover Lee, Thomas R Sibley, Victoria Lyon, Rachel E Geyer, Matthew Thompson, Barry R Lutz, Mark J Rieder, Trevor Bedford, Michael Boeckh, Janet A Englund, Helen Y Chu Evaluating specimen quality and results from a community-wide, home-based respiratory surveillance study. Journal of clinical microbiology. 59 2021