PostGRES Profile Detail – Staff

Monica Zigman-Suchsland
Research Scientist 4


Monica Zigman Suchsland, MPH, is a Research Scientist in the Department of Family Medicine and a PhD candidate in Department of Epidemiology. Her dissertation project aims to improve understanding of the clinical course of concussion through self-reported symptoms and time to recovery after sustaining a sports-related concussion. Her primary role as a research scientist is split between managing the Cognition in Primary Care (CPC) Program ( and coordinating the WWAMI region Practice and Research Network, a practice-based research network that supports collaboration between primary care practices across the 5 WWAMI states, Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho, and academic researchers. The aim of CPC is to facilitate detection of cognitive impairment and improve care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. As the program manager of CPC, she has supported the program investigators, lead the program evaluation analytics, developed the program website, and created the community resource directory.

Monica has worked in health research managing research projects for over 17 years. Her previous work includes developing a clinical quality measure for lung cancer diagnosis, exploring methodology for studying home tests for influenza, patient-centered outcomes of diagnostic imaging, measuring prevalence and outcomes of sudden cardiac arrest and death in young athletes, a clinical trial of platelet rich plasma for patellar tendinopathy, ergonomics at the University of Washington School of Public Health, biomarkers and air pollution at Harvard University School of Public Health, understanding prevalence and causes of renal insufficiency in Nicaragua, and research in cognition and aging with the Framingham Heart Study. Her technical experience includes study design, IRB, study implementation, data collection (both quantitative and qualitative), statistics, and manuscript development.

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