PostGRES Profile Detail – Staff

Mary A. Giles
Administrative Coordinator


As MEDEX records coordinator, Mary guides and nurtures flocks of data into their respective file directory homes, in updated organizational structures and formats, where they can be secure and accessible. She is in her element exploring banker boxes and cabinets of paper, to create barcoded hierarchies so that documents can be commercially scanned and digitized. (A special interest is our 50+ years of paperwork and ephemera from the earliest MEDEX days, a treasure trove of PA profession history.) She also facilitates licensing and employment verifications for graduates, edits CVs for students for their clinical year, and supports Seattle staff with office onboarding, access, and safety procedures.
Mary's background is in Russian and Slavic languages. She served as a teacher of Russian, a teacher of English as a Second Language, a refugee counselor, and a medical language interpreter. Interests include cultures of loneliness and connection, world languages, world religions, a vegetable garden, a bowed psaltery, singing, spiritual standup comedy, and taking flower photographs for the daily email MEDEX Morning News.