PostGRES Profile Detail – Staff

Amanda Weidner
Research Consultant
WWAMI Network
(206) 221-4108


Amanda Weidner, MPH has worked in academic family medicine research and administration for over a decade. In her current position with the UW Department of Family Medicine, she oversees the data and research efforts of the WWAMI Family Medicine Residency Network. She also supports the Network’s strategic planning process, many of the projects born from this process, and the professional development for the residency program directors. Amanda serves as lead staff in the Network’s role as the Western Hub of the Technical Assistance Centers for the HRSA Rural Residency Planning and Development grant program and the HRSA Teaching Health Center Planning and Development grant program. In addition to her role at the UW, Ms. Weidner is the Executive Director of the Association of Departments of Family Medicine, the organization representing academic departments of family medicine at medical schools and academic health systems across the country. Her dual roles allow for insights from around the country alongside a detailed understanding of residency education.



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