The Supply of Physicians Waivered to Treat Opioid Addiction in Rural America: Policy Options to Remedy Critical Shortages


Unintentional drug overdose deaths associated with prescription opioids rose 395% between 1999 and 2007, and opiate misuse among adolescents is now twice as common as in the 1990s. Because methadone maintenance clinics are largely non-existent in rural areas, an effective alternative is training physicians in the use of buprenorphine, an effective addiction treatment that can be administered in outpatient practices. This study will determine the extent to which a trained workforce exists in rural America that has received the necessary waiver to treat opioid addiction in outpatient settings with buprenorphine, identifying areas with critical shortages and discussing policy options for expanding the supply of these qualified providers. Funded by HRSA’s Office of Rural Health Policy.






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