Work With PCI Lab

PCI-Lab offers expertise at all stages of the system development life cycle, from design to implementation. Any research conducted will be under the umbrella of the UW Institutional Review Board (IRB), grants and contracts management, and open publication policies. We can work under contract research, consultancy, and various public/private partnerships.

What does the PCI Lab offer?

The projects we pursue include needs assessment and workflow analysis, system design, implementation process and adoption, in context and usability testing, as well as scaling pilots and projects up to sustainable systems.


In combination with our expertise, we are able to leverage our partnership with the living laboratories of WPRN and UW Neighborhood clinics, our access to UW Medicine EMR data and our experience with large complex data such as claims and billing information.

We offer our services to small healthcare technology start-ups as well as well-established large technology companies. 

Leveraging the WWAMI network

A unique offering of the PCI-Lab is our ability to conduct studies in a diverse set of primary care clinics across the Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI) region. This includes: 

  • The Institute of Translational Health Sciences’ WWAMI region Practice and Research Network (WPRN), including 58 primary care clinics across five states with active engagement in clinical research;
  • The UW School of Medicine, including its 12 UW Neighborhood clinics in the Seattle metro region with approx. 250,000 visits per year.

These clinics are a mix of large and small clinics, operating in urban, rural, or underserved areas, with different payment models and contracting arrangements.


why work with PCI-Lab

We bring together industry, clinical, and academic stakeholders to design and implement rigorous studies to generate evidence to support the innovation, development, and implementation of technologies for primary care and community settings. Our team has a passion for evaluating the usability and accuracy of diagnostics and point-of-care technologies. We know what evidence will facilitate buy-in from various stakeholders, and to create strong regulatory and fundraising submissions. We help researchers and technology developers demonstrate evidence for the value of their technologies in measurable ways to ensure their use cases are compelling to the payers, providers, patients, policymakers, and purchasers.