Research and Scholarship

The UW Osher Center for Integrative Health annually funds up to 3 small research projects conducted by University of Washington faculty members, fellows, and residents. The purpose of these grants is to stimulate scholarship in integrative medicine.  


Funds available:           

A total of $10,000 will be available to fund up to 3 grant projects annually. The maximum available per grant is $5000. Grant funds are to cover research costs such as survey mailings or hourly research staff time. Funds are not eligible to be used to support faculty FTE.


Length of grant:           

One year from the beginning of the project.



Brief progress reports will be due 3, 6, and 9 months after funding is awarded.  A final report describing the project and summarizing the findings will be due a year after funding. The final report should be in the form of a manuscript that could be submitted for publication.  



Please complete and submit the attached form to Dan Cherkin, UW Osher Center Director of Research, at Download the application and submit to



September 1, 2022, but it is advised to apply early in the year before funds run out. 


Evaluation criteria:     

  • Importance of research topic to integrative health

  • Use of appropriate study design and methods

  • Feasibility of completing project within one year and within budget

  • Relevance for promoting equity, diversity and/or inclusion



Dan Cherkin, UW Osher Center, Director of Research,

Download the application and submit to

Chinese herbalist with medicinal herbs

The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine is working to stimulate a collaborative research environment in which the Osher Center is a leader in identifying the integrative medicine educational needs of healthcare providers and their patients. Our goal is to engage in research which will identify and inform best practices to help regional providers initiate and sustain integrative medicine, and to broadly disseminate that knowledge. The Osher Center draws upon the experience and skills of seasoned researchers in the Department of Family Medicine and the School of Nursing, as well as from disciplines across the University of Washington, institutions within our region, and among the Osher Collaborative.
Currently the Osher Center is partnering with the WWAMI Region Practice and Research Network (WPRN) on a research project entitled “What is needed to promote integrative health in clinical care? Perspectives of primary care providers in the WWAMI Region. ”THE WPRN is comprised of clinical practices in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. The mission of the WPRN is “to improve the health and well-being of patients in their communities, through the conduct of collaborative research that informs and enhances primary care clinical practice. ”This study will attempt to determine what information/knowledge primary care providers need to encourage integrative practices throughout the region.