R4 Academic Chief – Seattle, WA

The UWMC Academic Chief Resident position is a one-year positing running from July 1 to June 30 of each academic year. It continues to be funded as an R4 position within the School of Medicine, and uses the Non-ACGME Chief Resident position designation, with a junior faculty appointment at the level of Acting Instructor appointment in the Department of Family Medicine. The position may be shared by more than one person and generally that sharing has been sequential and not concurrent.
The responsibilities of the position are listed below, followed by the process for selection of the Academic Chief Resident. Inherent in this position is some flexibility to meet the individual goals and needs of the person in the position. Please send a CV and cover letter stating reasons for interest in this position to Gwen Credit at gwena@uw.edu.

    • Liaison between residents and faculty.
      1. Representative of residents and resident issues at faculty meetings, and at curriculum reviews and residency task forces on specific issues.
      2. Liaison between residents and faculty on pertinent issues.
    • Leading discussions among residents on issues brought back from faculty.
    1. Monitor the well-being of residents.
    2. Confirm, refute, or provide additional feedback on individual resident performance during faculty reviews of resident progress.
    3. Assist in troubleshooting issues regarding individual resident performance or health problems.
    • Maintain regular availability, via scheduled office hours or other mechanisms.
    • Assist in planning and running resident retreats.
    1. Assist in revising the Residency Manual/Policies and Procedures for the following year.
    2. Serve as a role-model and guide for other residents in their professional interactions with patients, families, staff and colleagues.
    • Teaching roles.
      1. Participation in UW Teaching Scholars Program, a one-year professional development program for educators in the health professions who have a passion for teaching and a desire to become academic leaders.
      2. Facilitate teaching at service reports.
    • Work with junior residents to assure smooth transitions for them, and support their developing skills.
    1. Presentations at didactics, during home focus month, other forums.
    2. Coordinate Journal Club.
    3. Precept in clinic or on the FMS.
      1. Supervise and assist R3 Chief Resident(s) in running resident-only and resident/faculty meetings.
      2. Supervise and assist R3 Chief Resident(s) in organization of the resident call schedule, including troubleshooting conflicts that arise regarding call.
    • Coordination of presenters at service reports.
    1. Didactic Supervisor:
      • Assist in coordination of speakers, including reminding faculty of upcoming didactics based on the template, assisting faculty with juggling needed changes, and assisting in filling late cancellations using a “wild-card” list of prepared talks by faculty and residents.
      • Advertise upcoming didactics to residents and faculty, working with residency office staff.
      • Monitor resident attendance at didactics.
      • Compile and send evaluations of didactics to speakers, including a “thank-you” letter.
    2. Coordination of resident involvement in residency working groups, task forces, medical student and community activities.
    3. Member of the Residency Curriculum Committee.
    • Other roles as negotiated with the Residency Program Director.
    • Patient care.
      1. Three half-days per week in direct patient care at the UWNC Northgate clinic.
      2. Precept one half-day at UWNC Northgate as attending.
    • Occasional FMC Inpatient Service (includes adult medicine and obstetrics) coverage as needed.
    1. Support to senior resident on Service during Home Focus Month.
    • Individual goals.
      1. Completion of one or more projects, tailored to the interests and goals of the individual.
      2. Opportunity to teach medical students, both within the clinic, and at the medical school.
    • Opportunity to participate in the faculty development fellowship, contingent upon availability of the fellowship.
    1. Consideration for participation in other scholarly activities, including but not limited to: research division participation, quality improvement projects, health policy work, MPH work.
    2. Opportunity to participate in other forums, such as UW SOM committees (such as the Housestaff Assistance Committee, GMEC Committee), Network internal reviews, regional academies, etc.
    • Required attendance:
      1. Faculty meetings
        • Thursday mornings.
        • Faculty development workshops (quaterly)
      2. Resident / faculty meetings.
    • Family Medicine noon reports.
    • Core skills:
      • Leadership.
      • Conflict management.
      • Organization.
      • Teaching.
    • Selection of Chief Resident:
      • Selection criteria:
        • Graduation (anticipated) from an accredited Family Medicine Residency Program, in good academic standing.
        • Letters of support from faculty and residents at that program.
        • Mutual negotiation of personal goals and projects proposed for the year.
      • Selection process:
        • Position will be advertised both internally and externally during the preceding academic year.
        • The top candidates who meet selection criteria will be interviewed by both residents and faculty.
        • Residents will be asked to rate the candidates individually and confidentially on core aspects of the position.
        • Final selection will be made by the faculty, with strong emphasis on resident input and evaluation of the individual applications and interviews.

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