In Memoriam

It is with a sad and heavy heart that we inform you that MEDEX has lost a wonderful individual. Second-year student Elizabeth (Liza) Benson passed away January 27, 2013. An avid skier, she was caught in an avalanche, and hit a tree in Jackson Wyoming. Liza had returned to the area to complete her clinical training in Pinedale Wyoming when the accident occurred. Liza was admired for her adventurous spirit, sharp intellect, and compassion for others.

A memorial service was held in Jackson Wyoming on February 1, 2013. MEDEX Program Director Terry Scott and MEDEX Medical Director Linda Vorvick represented the program. Eleven of Liza’s classmates and their families attended the service. The fellow students drove 15 hours through wintry weather, picking up fellow classmates along the way, in order to be present at the memorial.

We are impressed with their commitment to their friend and her family during this difficult time. Several of Liza’s family members commented how touched they were by this showing of support.

The memorial service was held at St John’s Episcopal Church, a lovely log cabin building in downtown Jackson.

Attached is a link to the local news article with details of the accident.
JH News and Guide: Avalanches swept skiers against trees